Duty Calls


“The bobcat does not have an emergency brake.  Can you walk up to the barn and put blocks behind the back wheels?”  my husband called from his trip into town.
So my morning devotions were interrupted –I  dressed quickly and walked to the barn.  I found some blocks small enough to pick up and put them behind the back wheel of the bobcat, then walked back to the house.
However, my
duty was turned into delight. 
Hearing a humming sound from the electric transformer caused me to tune in on other sounds of early morning.  The happy chirping of birds, the clicking of a woodpecker, and the moisture dripping off trees and shrubs had  a refreshing feel.
  Azaleas and irises 
lapped up the moisture and stood up a little taller and blackberries strutted their stuff in full bloom.
 It is “blackberry winter” after all.  The last few cool rainy days washed everything and made the woods so lush.
  Even my snap peas in side garden joined in the celebration. 
Then a song burst from my heart as I sang to the Lord and all the creatures in the woods to hear – 
“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, new every morning – great is thy faithfulness of Lord, great is thy faithfulness.”
What a refreshing interruption to my morning routine and a
duty turned into delight.