Psalm 147:11

The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. 
  • Hope I can lose 10 lbs. before the wedding.
  • Hope the diagnosis is good.
  • Hope I don’t get Covid-19 (too late already had it).
  • Hope this virus will go away!!
  • Hope Jesus will return soon!
  • Hope I don’t have to move!

Lord, make me willing!

My February arise mantra of Oswald Chamber’s “My Utmost for His Highest” is kicking in again.  See story in blog –Arise My Love

I’ve been comfortable here on Shekinah Lane thank you very much. Leaving Shekinah Lane?  Perish the thought!

God, do you really want me to give up all this – my house, gardens, mountain view from my office, porch, living room and sun porch? Wonderful neighbors?

Just like the “Arise My Love” blog from last year about leaving our home in NC in to move to a boy’s ranch in Arkansas, my love is asking me again to follow him. 

We need to downsize and move to a smaller place – we can’t maintain the grounds, gardens, flower beds  not to mention I cannot clean all these windows!!

What about our book Shekinah Lane? Although our many moves brought us to Shekinah Lane, we knew this was not our final destination – we are not actually citizens of this world – we have a home in heaven someday.  If we are to leave this comfortable place, God will provide.

  • I hope we sell our house.
  • I hope we don’t sell our house. (I’d really like to stay!)
  • I hope someone will love this place and the house as much as I do.

Lord may my hope be in you and my trust be in you and your perfect plan for us because I know you are faithful.