Peppermint Oil to the Resuce


Instead of going to Hawaii for our 50th anniversary we purchased a travel trailer which I dubbed Hawaii.

It has blue stripes after all and reminds you of the ocean, sort of? The plan was to park at the local camp ground, tie up our pontoon boat and have a relaxing week.

Knowing the used trailer would have some kinks, we ventured out to the lake near our house – only 15 minutes away.  This allowed us to make trips back home if we forgot something.

On the first day we pulled out the slide and broke three drawers in the kitchrepairsen that were not fully closed.  Not to worry my skilled husband, John, could fix that.





He proceeded to make several trips home and to the local do-it-yourself store to get supplies.

Then we realized the toilet leaked.  With no water we decided to spend the night at home. John found the problem and took the faulty part the next day to the local RV repair shop.  Toilet repaired and we were in good shape.  So we decided to spend the night in our trailer.  Then an intruder appeared.


The small black creature, I named Simon, ran out from under the couch and the across the room to the refrigerator.   Our friendly neighbors had a mouse trap and some peanut butter.  They set the trap and John placed it beside the couch.

Sure enough Simon came out and began licking the peanut butter.  The trap did not snap – he was too small or the trap was not set right.  In any case I got a good picture of him or her?  I sat on the couch as John used a two by four from his cabinet project to try and do away with Simon.  But he was too quick.

We left for another trip home to get more supplies.  I remembered a lady in the grocery store asking me where to find peppermint oil.  She was told to use it to keep mice out of her RV.  So I picked up a bottle of peppermint oil that I used for colds.

When we returned to the trailer the mouse trap was not sprung so I sprinkled peppermint oil on the heater vents in the floor and around the corners of the room where Simon frequented. However, in a few minutes our intruder reappeared.

Finally, Simon ran into the bathroom and back and forth to a closet.  Now sitting on the bed and monitoring the dashes of Simon, I helped John corner him in a closet.  Then he disappeared.  He must have gone out a small space beside a pipe in the closet.  I quickly poured peppermint oil around the hole and stuffed in a sock.  No more Simon, for now. We slept our first night in the trailer.

Day three and after a delightful breakfast by the lake we returned home with our lists to get hopefully the last round of things we needed for the rest of the week.  John loaded up more tools in his truck to finish the cabinets and I filled my car with kitchen items.

I reminded John to pick up the two white chairs at the barn before he left.  I was just getting into my car when I heard John yell, “Oh, no, oh, help. “I started running toward the barn thinking he had run of the road or into someone and then he said, “Hurry bring the hornet spray.”

I grabbed the spray and was driving up the road when he came driving toward the house so fast I thought he was going to run into me.  He screamed, “I’ve been stung about 20-30 times by hornets they were under the white chair.”

The visible stings were a large welt on his forehead, one on his right jaw and his left hand.  His finger was already swollen and we could not get his ring off.  He fell trying to fight off the hornets and grabbed them off his body so he had dirt on his legs.  I told him to get in the shower and wash off so we could determine where the stings were.

I gave him the only antihistamine we had – Zyrtec.  I immediately put peppermint oil on each sting.  A friend told me just last week that peppermint oil is good for bee stings.  Our son, Johnny, and grandson, Cameron, came over and brought the Benadryl from a neighbor.

20160621_152500 (2)

The ring finger was swollen worse and Johnny cut the gold wedding band off under John’s direction.

Cameron said something about an EpiPen.  I said, “Yes, that is what we need, he used to have one years ago when he had a reaction to a honey bee sting.”

Cameron said, “I have one for when I get a poison ivy reaction.”

“Great, go get it.”

Meanwhile I texted our church’s prayer chain and our family members letting them know about John’s accident.  I also consulted information on the internet.  Ice, paste of cornstarch and any kind of hydrocortisone cream were my next remedies applied then Cameron brought the EpiPen.

By now John was feeling some better and did not think he needed the shot, but nurse Pat administered it anyway.

Within thirty minutes he was feeling sleepy as expected.  An hour later the large welt on his forehead disappeared as well as the large red spot on his jaw.  The ring finger was still a little swollen but much better.

Peppermint oil, Benadryl, cortisone, cornstarch, epinephrine and prayer helped my husband survive the hornets sting.


We returned to our trailer by the lake and no sign of Simon, the toilet works and John has finished the cabinet project.  Now for a ride in the boat.


To be sure I will have my bottle of peppermint oil handy.

Thank you Lord for peppermint oil, a perfect setting and peace!






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  1. So much for a week of relaxation. Glad to hear Uncle John is feeling better. Sorry for the pain with the stings he had to go through. Those hornets are frisky fellers & keep coming after you. Good to hear you finally had some peaceful relaxation time. We have to get together soon. Love & miss you all.

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