She’s a celebrity now!

After all, her pictures are displayed on the big screen. Pictures ranged from kindergarten to her wedding, small children, family group photos, the wedding of her oldest daughter and then the first grandchild to an intimate scene with her husband as her health was waning.

Not the theatre marquee for this saint but on the big screen in the sanctuary, the one that holds words of songs and Scripture for Sunday services. She would be embarrassed with all the focus on her as the lines of family and friends streamed past her five precious daughters, only son and loving husband. This celebration is of the life of a godly lady who lived a quiet, reverent life.

Reeda Fay was known as a woman of faith and prayer and a proclaimer of God’s truth from His word. She lived in the Shekinah Glory of God. She was of the old school, “God said it and I believe it!”

My friend Shirley expressed to me that she did not know Reeda Fay well, but received a telephone call from her when Shirley’s son was seriously ill. That call of encouragement and prayer left a lasting impression. I’m sure many stories were shared during this time of mourning for this daughter of the King.

That night I dreamed of a celebration going on at my house. People from our past—boys and families from Teen Ranch, men and women from churches that my husband served, relatives and then young people we were still sharing with—all gathered. I cooked and they cleaned, not a bad deal. I was trying to steal away for a time to get ready since I didn’t have my hair fixed or my makeup on yet. But they didn’t seem to care, they loved me anyway.

Christmas 2015 (missing Shelley)

Why did they all congregate at one time? Then the scene changed of my husband helping a young couple who were to be married. He wanted to give them all the Christmas decorations that I’d collected for over 50 years of marriage. “Why not?” I said. He was always giving, helping someone. At this point the newlyweds could use them for another 50 years!

Dreams often reflect our deepest emotions and thoughts.
When awakened, I realized that this celebration of the life of my friend encouraged me to share our story – our Celebration of Shekinah (God’s glory).

God wants us to be a dwelling in which He can live by His Spirit.

We are excited to announce Shekinah Lane, the story of how God has blessed our lives and showed His glory as we determined to follow Him.

We had a book signing & 50th Anniversary Celebration October 22, 2016 in Marlette, MI.  It was the first we could get our sons together (although a year late.)


Dale and Melinda Sensabaugh


Our boys







Book Signing

You may purchase a copy of Pat’s book Shekinah Lane at the annual House of Prayer Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, November 20 – or online – click on Book Order.

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Pat from Georgia

Pat Strickland is a wife, mother, grandmother and daughter of the King of Kings. She has been a pastor’s wife, a registrar at Young Harris College and a memoir writer. Her desire is “to seek God with all my heart and He will provide the much more in my life.”

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  1. Love this blog! Yes, she is a celebrity, but a very humble one who would never try to call attention to herself or John. Humble people called by God who want us to enjoy the same Shekinah Glory!

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